The Lab

The Rocket Team has its own Lab, located in Building 17. The lab recently underwent a significant renovation courtesy of the department. After the renovation our lab feature dedicated work stations for many activities.


The avionics workstation features reflow and soldering tools, an oscilloscope, several power supplies, as well as many stocked components for quick prototyping all atop an ESD protected bench.


The tools bench has mounting points for various power tools, a vise, and all the nuts, bolts, and washers anyone could want.


The stock racks keep all kinds of common materials available for quick use to reduce lead times. We keep aviation grade wood, G10, acrylic, polycarbonate, and aluminum in stock, as well as various round stock and threaded rod.


The personal protection equipment station keeps Rocket Team members safe and EHS representatives happy. Rocket Team keeps masks, respirators, ear protection, eyeglasses, gloves, face shields, fire retardant clothing and more easily accessible to its members. The PPE shelves also stock various cleaning supplies.


The flammables storage lockers contain rocket motors, propellant precursors, flammable solvents, energetic materials, ejection charge powder, and volatiles in a safe, isolated location.

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