The new spike, made of 6061 Aluminum

New Spike!

We made a new nozzle for the cold-flow rocket engine. By comparing the results of cold-flow tests performed on the two spike versions, the team is gaining valuable insights about aerospike nozzle design.

James and Ryan setting up the Test Stand in the Gas Turbine Lab

Cold Flow Test Setup

We’ve spent the past week putting the finishing touches on the Cold Flow test stand and engine. Yesterday, we moved the test stand into a blast chamber in MIT’s Gas Turbine Lab where we will conduct several Cold Flow tests of the Pyralis prototype next week. Thanks to Jimmy Letendre and Prof. Spakovszky for letting…


Test Stand & Cold-Flow Prototypes

The test stand is finished and ready to be used for the upcoming cold-flow test.                               Connie L, James L, Eric R, and Matt V finished machining and assembling the injector plate and the cage that will enclose the Pyralis engine…