Project ODYSSEY is launched for its first test flight! It had a stable flight up (Click on continue Reading to find the video). The recovery system failed and led to, as we like to call it, “an unplanned rapid disassembly”. The team plans to rebuild and launch again on May 9th.      


Introducing Project Odyssey!

MIT Rocket Team lost access to the blast chamber being used for testing the liquid engine, Pyralis, in February, so Project Pyralis is postponed indefinitely. The team still plans on competing in IREC this summer but with a commercial solid motor. The project is called Project Odyssey. Behind the name Odyssey Part of IREC competition…

Hot Fire Test #1

We conducted our first hot fire test with the re-designed Pyralis engine and updated pre-burner. We flowed our pre-burner (air and hydrogen) for 20 seconds before flowing our main propellants. The engine ignites at about 22 seconds according to the timestamp in the video.

Water-flow test of the Pyralis  engine injector

Injector v2 test

We conducted a water-flow test of our version 2 injector design. The injector uses a triplet impinging jet design to mix and atomize the propellants. This water-flow test video shows the injector producing a finely misted spray of water, validation the impinging jet design.

Cross section of the Pyralis engine, showing the revised spike support design.

Spike support redesign

James, Matt and Connie have re-designed the supports that hold the nozzle spike into the combustion chamber of the Pyralis engine. The new support design will be more resilient to thermal expansion, vibration, and machining tolerances. Using this design will better control the nozzle’s throat area, leading to more consistent and predicable thrust.

preburner test still

Preburner Test

We successfully tested the preburner for Pyralis today! The pre-burner acts like a pilot light during the engine start up sequence – the flames from the preburner will heat the combustion chamber, and will cause the main propellants to burn when they are flowed into the chamber. The pre-burner runs on propane and compressed air,…

Injector plates delivered by MIT Central Machine shop

Injector parts machined

Two of the three plates of our new injector design have been finished. The 24 fine holes of our triple impinging design can be seen on the bottom plate. The injector will be water flow tested in the coming weeks to make sure the design and manufacturing have correctly produced the desired fluid flow.


New spark igniter

Zach B. and Jack E. have gotton our new spark igniter working, and it looks powerful! The spark will light propane and air in our preburner pilot light, and the preburner flame will in turn light the main propellants. The new spark electronics are much safer, simpler, and lighter than the previous designs.