Outreach 2014-2015

This past school year, MIT Rocket Team has been involved in several outreach events. We love reaching out to younger students because we want to inspire them and give them a glimpse into the world of rocketry. Each member of the MIT rocket team can clearly recall several times in their youth moments of awe when exposed to rockets. It is when we knew in our hearts that this is what we would want to be involved with when we grew up. We want to share this!

Contact our Publicity Chair, Eric Riehl (riehl@mit.edu), for more information or to set up an event.


Splash is a one day educational outreach program run by the MIT Educational Studies Program. Hundreds of students in grades 9 through 12 are welcomed onto campus to take part in any of approximately 400 short courses covering almost any topic imaginable. The team held an introductory course into rocketry for 30 students.


Spark is similar to Splash but it is targeted to 7-8th graders. The team taught an introductory class into rocketry for 40 students and gave tips on how to get involved with amateur rocketry. The students asked several in depth questions that kept the teachers on their toes. You learn most when you teach!

Cambridge Science Festival

The Cambridge Science Festival is a week long event held in several locations across Cambridge. The events are targeted towards children and family to engage them in fun science related activities. The MIT museum held Aero/Astro day, and MIT Rocket Team held a booth with videos and past rockets and projects. Because parents were there, we could explain how easy it was to get their kids into model rocketry. We also got to explain some of the basics of rockets to the children.

Below: Matt V, a senior member of the team, shows two kids a carbon fiber fin.



Sprinkler is an HSSP subprogram (from the MIT Educational Studies Program) where middle school students can opt to take a new Splash-style (one-shot) class every week in place of one of their long-term classes. The MIT Rocket Team held a 1.5 hour class about rockets for 35 students.

MIT SWE- Society of Women Engineers

MIT SWE held an event called KEYS where middle school girls learn about the exciting areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) through fun, hands-on activities and engineering challenges. MIT Rocket Team made a presentation to talk about the team and about rocketry.

MIT museum

The MIT Museum often hold showcases targeted to children and families. MIT Rocket Team presented their work at one of these events and used the opportunity to encourage parents to get their children into rocket related activities.


Above: Julia (President) and Eric (Publicity Chair) at the MIT Museum explaining rockets

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