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The MIT Rocket Team is a well established independent student group focused on rocket-related projects. In its 14 year history, the team has focused on projects ranging from designing and building a custom centrifugal liquid engine to the development of lighter, stronger composite airframes.

The team’s last project, Project Odyssey, got first place int the basic category at the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition summer 2015. The team is planning on returning to IREC summer 2016. in addition to providing our members with the tools and knowledge to earn amateur rocketry certifications through national rocketry associations.

DSCN6461 nnaemeka_attempt1   DSCN6140 FinFlutter2

Hype Video 2015- contains footage from various Rocket Team launches and experiments

In recent years, the Team has design, constructed, and launched several rockets for NASA’s Student Launch Initiative (USLI) contest:

  • Project Odyssey: IREC 2015 Competition Rocket
  • Project Valhalla: A 12ft rocket which carried an UAV Payload to a precise apogee of 5280 ft. The Team won Rookie Team of the Year, Project Review Award, and 2nd place overall, for this rocket.
  •  Project Siren: A 9 ft rocket designed for fin flutter analysis.
  •  Project AIR: A rocket-deployed quadrotor and a launch vehicle to boost the quadrotor to 1 mile altitude.

The Team has also built Odin’s Spear, a three-stage rocket intended to reach 100,000 ft altitude. The rocket is seen below taking off from the Utah desert during the Tripoli Rocketry Association’s BALLs launch.

Odins Spear BALLS

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