Raziel 1

Rocket Team has spent the past semester designing, building, and iterating. Now we’re ready for flight. Raziel 1 represents an iteration on the Therion air frame, utilizing a similar structure, similar avionics, and building on our recovery scheme from last year.

On the 18th of January we assembled the rocket completely for the first time in its flight configuration. The rocket was then ground tested.

Raziel integration table

The ground testing was far more successful than the tests in December, with the vehicle energetically separating both the main and drogue parachute bays.


This rocket contains a mass simulator to test the recovery system for the rover which is currently under development.

sabot demonstration

The Rover will be pulled out of the rocket by the main parachute approximately 1,000 ft off of the ground.

The first flight of Raziel will be on a commercial M2505 rocket motor from CTI, with future flights occurring on an approximately M3500 motor built by the team. We’re waiting for the weather at our launch site to clear up. Updates will follow on our Facebook page as we get closer to launch.

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