Pyxida Flight Computer

For the last year Avionics has been developing a custom flight computer named “Pyxida.” The development program has been amply arduous to make us appreciate the wonder of technology that is the Pyxida.

2016-05-09 13.25.37

Pyxida was concieved as a device that would allow our rocket to complete whatever mission it needed to. Pyxida is a sensor suite on top of a versatile Linux computer. The list of sensors includes accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes, a GPS,  It contains a powerful radio to allow communication over almost 30 miles. Pyxida can interface with motors, pyrotechnics, servos, and many other peripherals to complete its mission. Pyxida also has a custom built ground station to log data and display it in real time.

2016-05-09 13.26.57

The receiving station. This device can also accommodate 7 element yagi antennas as well as ducky antennas. The antennas are 900Mhz and 440Mhz.


The ground terminal running in simulation mode. This application can control the parafoil, detonate pyrotechnics, and display all the data that is downlinked.

2016-05-09 13.32.52 2016-05-10 19.02.14

Avionics hardware. The sled and sealing disks are poly-carbonate. This represents a major upgrade from the MDF and thermoplastics of avionics sleds past. Already mounted on the sled are the three connectors, the Pyxida custom avionics, the Stratologger CF, and the TeleMetrum

2016-05-07 14.28.50

An excited avionics team. (L to R) Charlie ’19, Josef ’19, Tristan ’19, Andrew ’19, and Jacob ’19.

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