Injector plates delivered by MIT Central Machine shop

Injector parts machined

Two of the three plates of our new injector design have been finished. The 24 fine holes of our triple impinging design can be seen on the bottom plate. The injector will be water flow tested in the coming weeks to make sure the design and manufacturing have correctly produced the desired fluid flow.


New spark igniter

Zach B. and Jack E. have gotton our new spark igniter working, and it looks powerful! The spark will light propane and air in our preburner pilot light, and the preburner flame will in turn light the main propellants. The new spark electronics are much safer, simpler, and lighter than the previous designs.

Components of the Pyralis engine

Pyralis engine redesign

Over the past months, the team has been re-designing the Pyralis engine. The new revision includes a pre-burner which will heat the engine before ignition; we expect this change to resolve engine start-up issues experienced on the first engine design. We have also modified the injector to include better seals and orifices which can be…