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Hot Fire Test Stand

Connie Liu and Matt Vernacchia have been building the test stand which we will mount the propulsion system to during static firing tests. The stand must support the thrust produced by the engine, and provides mounting points for the propellant tanks, plumbing, valves and sensors used in the tests. The stand is made from Super-Strut…


Injector finished

We have finished machining the injector for the Pyralis rocket engine. The injector is the most mechanically complex part of the engine. Fuel and oxidizer pipes tap into the injector, and channels within the injector route the propellants to a ring of six injector heads. Within each injector head, the propellants are mixed together and…

Injector with Seals

Injector Seals

We machined glands into the injector bottom face which hold copper seals. These seals will prevent hot combustion gases from leaking through the joint between the combustion chamber wall and the bottom face of the injector.