Pyralis Thermal Simulation

During firing of the Pyralis engine, heat from the combustion process will flow though the walls of the combustion chamber. The wall consists of of an insulating liner which absorbs heat, surrounded by a structural wall which contains the pressure load of the engine and is protected from intense heat by the insulating liner.

chamber nozzle and cold-flow injector cross section labeled

The animations below show the expected temperatures in the liner and structural wall during operation. The horizontal axis is radial distance form the engine centerline, and temperature is shown in color. The combustion chamber is to the left of the images, the dotted vertical line shows the boundary between the insulating liner and the structural wall, and the right side of the images is the structural wall/ambient air boundary.

The thermal simulation software and videos were developed by MIT Rocket Team member Jeff Mockelman

temp scale


Heat Up during 16-second Firing (real-time)

Cool Down after 16-second Firing (2x real-time)

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