Meeting Minutes (2013 Oct 7)

Level 1 Rockets

  • Matt will order motors from Robert (Animal motor works) this week.
  • James will order nosecones this week.
  • We will epoxy the fin cans into the body tubes, the fin cans do not need to be removable.


  • We picked subteams. See/modify your subteam roles here.
  • We will schedule for a cold flow test on Nov 23. This means we need to finish machining and assembly by Nov 16, and should start machining on Nov 2. So that we are ready by then, we need the design finalized by Oct 21. We will do a Design Review on Oct 21 where a few alums of the team (and possible Prof Lozano) will look over our design for the cold flow test and make sure we haven’t messed anything up.

Fund Raising

  • Matt and Connie will talk to GEL tomorrow.


  • Corey will flesh out the pages this weekend. Keep blogging! Talk to Norman to get an account set up so that you can post to the website.

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