Pyralis Design Meeting

We had a design meeting tonight. Major points discussed: – Sensing equipment: for cold flow we need only 4 measurements: tank pressure, engine chamber pressure, engine inlet temperature, and thrust. Assuming adiabatic expansion of gas from the tank, d(p_tank)/dt will give us the mass flow rate out of the tank. Eric recommends that we measure…

A forest of fin cans!

Fin Cans

A forest of fin cans! In most high powered model rockets, the fin can is the central structure which connects the fins, motor, and parachute cord to the body tube of the rocket. After last week’s build session, we have a veritable forest of fin cans sprouting up in the lab

Meeting Minutes (2013 Oct 7)

Level 1 Rockets Matt will order motors from Robert (Animal motor works) this week. James will order nosecones this week. We will epoxy the fin cans into the body tubes, the fin cans do not need to be removable. Pyralis We picked subteams. See/modify your subteam roles here. We will schedule for a cold flow…

Rocket Teamers use the waterjet machine in the Gelb machine shop.

Waterjet Cutting

Over the past weeks, Rocket Teamers have been learning to use waterjet machining to cut our fins and centering rings for their NAR Level 1 Certification rockets. Thanks to Todd Billings (Gelb machine shop technician) for conducting the training!